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Revd Angie Gammon
Rev. Angie Gammon
Tel: 01425 402303
Recent Wedding photo taken at St John the Baptist Church, Burley

Burley Vicarage,
Church Lane,  
BH24 4AP

Angie's ProfileRevd Angie Gammon comes from a long line of Church ministers and has ordained family members across several different denominations. With a background in teaching, nursing, and Social Services, she trained as a Reader in Bath and Wells and was later ordained Priest in the Exeter Diocese where she served in East Devon before moving with her husband, Clive, to Burley.
They enjoy spending time with their 4 adult children and their growing families and share a love of Theatre, good food and walking the 2 black labs!
Revd Angie is keen to make the body of Christ visible, accessible and relevant within the whole local community.

Revd. Angie will be retiring on 7th March 

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  Licensed Lay Minister and Safeguarding Officer   Licensed Lay Minister
Jan Farrow
  Pat Simpson
Tel: 01425 403456
  Tel: 01425 473527

Church Warden                     Pam Mason-Smith

Deputy Church Warden      Roger Hutchings

Tel: 01425 402036 pam.masonsmith@btinternet.

Tel: 01425 402258
  Choir Director
Sue Forster
Tel: 01425 470583
Piers Colvin
Tel: 01425 403367
  Church Hall Bookings
Beryl Vincent
Tel: 01425 403439
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Enquiries about weddings, baptisms and funerals should be addressed to the Vicar or to the Church Warden after 7th March 2020.   Baptisms are usually in the main Sunday service so that the whole family of the church is involved.
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